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Peter Aerts wins the historic WGP ’98 with trip R1 KO’s!

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Fans, fighters, and promoters all agree that the 1998 was one of the greatest K-1 WGP seasons in it’s 17-year history. Finally, you can catch all the excitement of the Final tournament where Peter Aerts finished all his opponents in the first round and all with KO’s!! History in the making here on the YouTube K-1 Channel.

K-1 WGP ’98: The series that spawned a generation of new fighters.

Peter Aerts dominated K-1 in ’94 and ’95, but success may have gone to his head as rumors of heavy partying foreshadowed a losing streak and his split from Chakuriki Gym. Mike Bernardo was the new king of the castle and people were starting to take notice. But just when you thought the Dutch Lumberjack was lost in the woods for good, he came back to dominate the ’98 series as only he could – felling opponents left and right like they were helpless saps waiting for the axe.

Over 63,800 fans crowded the Tokyo Dome to see some of the most picture-perfect knockouts ever to introduce body to canvas. It’s no wonder that the new generation of fighters such as Badr Hari mention this series as their inspiration for joining the fight game.

Words don’t do the action justice, so see for yourself why K-1 is the world’s most exciting sport.


Date: December,13 1998
Venue: Tokyo Dome, JAPAN
Attendance : 63,800 people (Full house)

Watch all the matches here: